About our director

- Director's  Profile -


Erica Takatsu was born in Japan in 1986.
After graduating the university, she worked for the IT company.
While working for the company, she traveled many countries such as Chicago, New York, Paris, London, Korea and so on.
These experiences changed her image about work and the value of the way of her life.

2013 left the company
2013 launched the first brand Larimar
2018 changes the brand name to LARICA 
2019 set up LARICA Co., Ltd.
2021 set up the production space in Yamanashi prefecture
LRICA holds pop up store in the major department stores several times in year.


- Director's Voice - 


Thank you for finding LARICA from among the many jewelry brands.
I’m Erica Takatsu the designer and the director of LARICA.
I have run my company from 2012. At that time, I changed my job and had worried about my life. I went on journey for a change, then I got a chance to launch my brand. During the journey, I had taken some time to think about my own worth and what should I do through my life and so on. Then I realized that the existence of jewelry is very important to me.
Compared to clothes, you may don't feel that you need to wear jewelry all the time. Some people who are busy may wear jewelry only on special occasions, some may haven't worn them for years. However, I do think that such people are the one who should wear jewelry.
Jewelry has the power to enhance us. Haven't you ever been excited when you took your necklace out of the jewelry box and wore it? Haven't you ever felt that when you wore jewelry you were beautiful than usual? Haven't you ever felt at ease the moment you put on your jewelry when you dressed up? I'm sure jewelry is like a powerful partner that sometimes protect us, inspire us, and push us up the upper level. We aim to make jewelry that you can casually wear even if you are busy every day. It's a high-quality, easy-to-use jewelry that doesn't choose clothes or scenes, and it blends into our daily lives and always protects us.
This time, we will challenge international sales for the first time to America. Different countries have different sense of values and preference of designs. There will be a lot of trial-and-error waiting for us. However, I believe that polite and sincere work is valued by people of all countries. I like traveling and have often gone abroad. During that time, I've been always thinking about what the value of Japanese people was. I think that Japanese people should be proud of these points such as delicacy, politeness, seriousness, sincerity, and an uncompromising attitude toward work. As for myself, I always value providing what I am satisfied with and feel happy with. We do all the work carefully and sincerely such as the design, material selection, production, and packaging so that when our products arrive and the boxes are opened, the customers will smile. As a Japanese woman, I would be happy if I could help color the lives of many people through our jewelry, just as I have been encouraged.