About our jewelries

LARICA’s jewelry enhances you.

Imagine wearing your favorite accessories when you go out. Your favorite clothes and makeup will make you feel better, but the moment you put on the jewelry, all the coordination will be upgraded and shining. It is sure that jewelry is packed with magic to enhance us. LARICA wants to take the power of jewelry into everyday life.So that we provide you high quality jewelry at a reasonable price. Choose jewelry, just as you choose clothes every day. Let us help you enhance yourself and add brilliance to your daily life.


Versatile jewelry: It suits both luxury and casual clothing. 

LARICA's jewelry aims to be a versatile jewelry that have both of high quality and casualness.
We design our jewelry to suit both everyday and special occasions. At first glance it looks simple, but the details are carefully designed to make it look gorgeous when worn. Each baroque pearl is one and only, so it is suitable for wedding jewelry and is perfect gift for loved one. As a more casual suggestion, you may enjoy our jewelry as a reward for yourself. You may be surprised, but we also recommend our pearl jewelry and jeans combination. Let's get out of the stereotype that luxury jewelry and pearls are items for formal occasions and older people.
Enjoy daily outfit with LARICA's jewelry, regardless of the scene, age, or season.

We product jewelry from the finest materials and sell them at affordable prices.

Despite being a jewelry made of the finest Baroque pearls, LARICA jewelry is reasonably priced. We want as many people as possible to get it easily. We chose the medical material "surgical stainless steel" for the base of our jewelry and use the manufacturing method called 14k gold filled for finish.


Medical material "surgical stainless steel"

We use materials called surgical stainless steel for the base pieces of our jewelry. This is used as a material for medical equipment, and it is a material that even people with metal allergies can use with confidence. *
Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and does not easily rust. You can enjoy its brilliance for a long time. The reason why stainless steel does not discolor or rust is due to the "non-conducive film" that stainless steel has. The film protects stainless steel from rust and discoloration. And even if the stainless steel is scratched, this non-conductive coating will be regenerated. This is the secret that stainless steel does not easily discolor and rust. It is called a "waterproof jewelry" because it is resistant to sweat and water and does not rust easily.Surgical stainless is hypoallergenic, and it is said to be the second hardest as diamond, so it is extremely scratch-resistant and has a long-lasting smooth feel. It does not turn black when exposed to air like silver. These pieces are hard-wearing, can be worn daily and will last many years.

It is LARICA's wish that our customers can enjoy the excitement of wearing jewelry and use them for a long time with peace of mind.

* It does not guarantee that metal allergies will not occur. If you feel itchy or anything unusual, we recommend you stop using them and see doctor.