About our team

LARICA×high scholl students-support for young entrepreneurs-

Japanese high school students participate in LARICA's international sales. They are interested in communicating with foreigners or making their own business. A few decades ago, working abroad or starting a business needs a huge decision, and few people took that path. However, in this era, thanks to the spread of the Internet and SNS, the hurdles for starting a business have dropped significantly, and it is possible to do international business while we are in Japan. Many young people have started their own businesses.

In fact, in Japan there are many students who are interested in starting a business or overseas. However, Japanese high schools do not yet have a program on entrepreneurship education and the environment for communication with foreigners is not well prepared.
Even if they're interested in those things, they don't have a chance to get started. It makes starting a business a distant dream for high school students.
At first, as for me I felt that starting a business was a distant existence. However, after making my decision, I have worked hard on what was in front of me, and then the results came along. I think there are many things that I have gained through trial and error. After all, do it or not. I think it is important for people to get the environment or chance for that. We have gained experience in the business of selling jewelry online. In starting online international sales, we want to make it a place of learning business and getting experience about that for high school students. Here, they can learn how online sales work and challenge communication with foreigners. I hope they will overcome the language barrier and the commonsense barrier and broaden their horizons and future.(Erica Takatsu, the director of LARICA)