Brand Concept





- Concept -

LARICA's jewelry aims to be a versatile jewelry that have both of high quality and casualness.
We offer reliable quality jewelry at affordable price range. From casual outfits like T-shirts and jeans to luxury ones, we offer our jewelry that can be enjoyed regardless of the season or scene.

- Brand Logo -

There is a turning point in life. And there we can meet something wonderful. It could be a person, a scenery, or some experience. What you meet can change your life dramatically.
It was the stone "Larimar" what I met.

When I want to think deeply, I always travel alone to Okinawa in Japan, I don't know the reason, to find the answer. The perfect blue sky, the deep blue sea, and the white gentle sandy beach are there. The time I spend alone in the scenery makes me feel my worries small. My heart begins to face the future little by little.

"Larimar" is the stone that seems to have hold such a scenery into itself. It gives you the power to take a new step.

For me who went into jewelry, Larimar has always been a partner that empowers me and gave me the opportunity.

The "L" in the LARICA logo comes from the first letter of Larimar. This logo symbolizes jewelry. This jewelry consists of an "L" and some spiral circles.
These circles represent my attitude and wishes for work.

My daily life running LARICA is not as exciting as you might imagine.
It's neither cool nor graceful, it's just monotonous and distressful.

Can I continue to create new designs?
Will everyone accept what I made?
Every day, I'm likely to be overwhelmed by such anxieties.
I repeat the process of creating new items and taking pictures of them and showing them off. I am an emotional roller coaster when I receive customer orders and reviews. At the last step of the process, I always send off all items with all my heart.

Last year, this year, and next year, the process will be repeated.
Suddenly when I stared at myself in the process, I start to ask myself,
"Am I doing my best?"
"Am I growing up?"
When I'm anxious, I feel like I'm spinning around the same place.
Until now and in the future, I will keep going around the same place all the time.
But I want to believe that something has changed from what I was a little while ago and that there will be growth.
If you keep moving steadily with a strong will, even if it seems that the same time is continuing, I think that you will change yourself.
That is my attitude towards work and my wish.
I put these thoughts into this spiral circles.
In this way, the LARICA logo is inspired by imaginary jewelry that is designed based on the power of Larimar and my way of thinking about work.