"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker
"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker

"S class" White Baroque Pearl Choker

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Features of baroque pearls

The attraction of baroque pearls is their natural forms, which were created by chance in nature.
The shapes with different facial expressions are rich in individuality.
They have just right effortless atmosphere, so they go well with casual outfits such as simple T-shirts, knits and denim, as well as luxurious outfits such as formal dresses! Also, the attraction of pearls is that people of all ages can put on.

High standards of LARICA

The director goes to the farm and buys baroque pearls directly from the farmers. We created our own quality standards that do not exist in the pearl industry. We named high-quality pearls "S class" that have beautiful luster and almost no defects such as wrinkles, dimples, scratches, cracks, and chips.

*"S class" is our own standard. Please note that it has nothing to do with similar notations of other companies.

○ only "S class" that has passed our own strict standards
○ high-quality surface with almost no scratches and beautiful colors and terry
○ luster and interference color like soap bubbles
○ natural colors created by nature

*There may be natural uneven surfaces, small scratches, dimples, etc., which are the characteristics of baroque pearls. Please enjoy them as one individuality in the world.



These choker type necklaces were produced for you to enjoy baroque pearls more casually. We use the T-bar clasps, which are easy to put on and take off, so that you can put them on more easily. Although the chains are thick, they are lightweight stainless steel chains that do not cause stress even when worn for a long time. Just add it to a simple shirt and it will make your casual outfit elegant.


Tech Details

Pearl size:wide 14-15mm / height 20-23mm
Pearl type:Freshwater Pearl
Metal:Stainless Steel 316L + K18 gold plating
Color:Gold / Silver


How to order

Semi-custom style

1. Choose your favorite baroque pearl from type drop down menu
2.  Enter the color of parts you request in the column”Special instructions for seller”. (e.g. : Silver)

If there is no entry we make your item with the chain “Gold”



This item is made to order, so it will be shipped within 7 business days after your order. If you place an order with other items, they will be shipped after all of them are complete.

*Shipping fee will be charged. Click here for details.



All LARICA items will be delivered in the original box.
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Since pearls are one and only, you cannot purchase multiple items with the same pearl.Due to the specifications of the system, you can put multiple items with the same pearl in a cart, but in that case we will cancel it.


When paying with an external payment service,If multiple people make payments at the same time, the payment may be completed even though the product is sold out. In that case, priority will be given to the order for which payment has been completed first, and other orders will be canceled. 
















パール:幅 14-15mm / 高さ 20-23mm
素材 :淡水真珠
金属 :Stainless Steel 316L + K18 gold plated




チェーンの色 Gold / Silver
「Special instructions for seller」の部分にご希望のカラーを記載してください。


ご記載がない場合は、標準の組み合わせである Goldの仕様でお作りします。